November 26, 2015


How to Straighten legs with bow legs exercises

There is nothing more attractive than a woman with beautiful and straight legs. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with healthy body and nice looks. There are a lot of people with bow legs or knock knees. If you are one of them, you probably look for answer how to correct your bowlegs or knock knees. In this article I will try to answer as much as possible about it.

leg deformations

You will find all posible ways to straighten your legs and have better looks. Some treatments are risk free when other ones are high risk. 

Correcting bowlegs is not difficult if you follow treatments listed here:

1) Yoga exercises

Yoga in general is one of the most safest and effective ways to keep your body young and flexible. It provides good blood flow in your body and removes stress from your tendons and your muscles. Sign up for yoga classes if you can or do it at home around 15-30 min each day. Stand on your feet and try to reach one of your feet with your both hands. Touch your feet for about 15-30s repeat this exercise 8-10 times for each leg. Another exercise is to lay on your chest and try to lift your upper body with both hands as high as possible. This way your back will stretch out and you will strenghten your back muscles. It will help you keep healthy posture and remove pressure from your knees and ankles. Do opposite exercise. Stand on your knees and arms and try to reach your knees with your head. These 3 exercises will help you remove stress and pain from your bowlegs or knock-knees. You will also need to add additional type of exercises to see better results.

2) Leg stretching and strenghtening exercises

These exercises include different types of leg stretching and muscle strenghtening. Try to do calf stretching exercises, then stretch out your hamstrings and quadriceps musles on your legs. Concentrate a little bit more on your hamstrings, because usually they are the weakest muscles on legs. For leg strenghtening you need to do calf raises, situps, jumps and weight training. try to concentrate on your inner leg muscles. These exercises will help strenghten your tendons and muscles around your knees. Stronger muscles will absorb a lot of pressure during the day. It will help reduce stress on your bones. 

3) Pilates

Pilates are very similar to Yoga except they are concentrated more on your inner muscles close to your skeleton. You can do a lot with special pilates disks and gym balls. You can try to do high kicks and lift your legs as high as possible. It will help you with your balance on one leg. Also try to do situps on one leg to strenghten your inner muscles. You can combine yoga and pilates together. I would suggest doing it 3 times per week for about 15-20 min. 

4) Massage Therapy exercises

If you have a children with bended legs you can help him with massage therapy exercises. Try to massage muscles around his knees so it removes stress from it. Children are growing very fast and their bones are not fused so you should see results in couple weeks or even days. You can take both of his legs and bend to his chest and come all the way back. Repeat these exercises 5-8 times. Do same exercises with one leg only. Don't forget to switch legs. It would be very helpful if children would sign up for active sports like basketball or volleyball. Jumping and stretching would help them grow taller and stronger. 

5) Leg straightening belts 

Special belts to wrap your legs before going to sleep. These belts put presure on your legs during sleep. I would compare them to braces for your teeth. When you apply pressure to your bone it will have no other choice then go to the direction of pressure. This way could bring you a lot of discomfort during sleep. Also your legs will come back to previous position if you will not work on your muscles. If you want to see long term results you will need to combine bow legs exercises with belts. 

6) Surgery for bow legs or knock knees

This type of treatment is very risky and is perfomed for patients who have huge leg deformation. Surgery is painful and expensive way of correcting your legs. Price depends on the country, but you always take a huge risk if complications occur after surgery. During surgery your bones are broken into couple parts and screwed together with bolts. Depending on a case recovery can take up to 30-90 days. 

You can also learn more abour surgery free methods and other methods for bow legs and knock knees by reading Surgery-Free Remedy for bowlegs created by  Elena Johnson. Feel free to ask questions below and share your personal story how you cured your bow legs or knock knees.


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